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Perez optical
Perez Optical in Cubao
Perez Optical has been in existence since the 1950s. It was started by the retired Patrocinio Utchingco Perez, M.D. Her firstborn, Eriberto opened the first of this set of Opticals, the E.Perez Optical, in 1969 and soon thereafter, he was supported by his wife, Lydia Fe M. Perez, O.D. Slowly but surely, the other branches and the lens laboratory were set up but under strict supervision to ensure quality of service. The main branch and the adjacent L.M. Perez Optical was manned by the husband and wife team while the other branches were manned by select professional optometrists.
In 2003, services were consolidated at the larger L.M. Perez Optical and other branches of the couple were phased out to ensure high quality services and more personal attention to clients. They were soon joined by their Opthalmologist daughter to provide further eye care.
Their continued joint research on refraction techniques and lens processing maintains the high quality of service that is synonymous with the name.

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